Log houses

Wooden House Factory Bartek produces houses made of pine logs, naturally and mechanically dried to a moisture content of 18%.

Logs are impregnated by spraying with non-chrome BAQ impregnator, anti-inflammatory, anti-insects and anti-fungus agent. Other house components, such as roof structure or foundations are impregnated with pressure in autoclave.
Factory produces not only houses of solid log, but also laminated, which is characterized by hardness and stability, lamination technology prevents cracks in the log and increases its fire resistance.

Since ancient times, wood was used as a building material for house construction, because it has many advantages, the most valuable of which are light weight and very good thermal insulation.
Worth noting is fact of existence, in the interiors of our houses, specific healthy microclimate, created by log’s ability to absorb and pass through moisture in the air.
Log houses are built very quickly, to experienced and hard-working team of employees of the company Bartek, it takes, along with interior finishing, only 3 months. We’re not limited by season, we’re working also in the winter, because construction of wooden house does not involve any wet work.
Thanks to light weight of our houses investor can reduce the size of foundations, which is beneficial for reduction of construction costs. An important advantage is also the ability to quick and easy remodeling and modernization of house in the future, which we’re very much willing to make on the client’s request.

Factory to meet client’s needs produces houses of logs with variety of profiles.
At the same time we provide a broad range of connections between the logs called milling cutters and variety of quoins.




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